Pre-Ballet Pedagogy

Pre-Ballet is intended to teach young ballet dancers the basic skills they need to study ballet including body awareness, creative movement, musicality, how to work within a ballet studio, and some basic ballet steps and movement.  
Learning how to wait their turn, how to watch the teacher and repeat her movements, how to listen to and react to the music, how to move isolated body parts, and how to move within the studio space are all basic skills that take time and experience for young children to develop.


Through regular practice and experience, young children learn these skills.  It is suggested that children wait to study formal ballet classes until 8 years of age when their bodies are more developed and they are ready to focus in a traditional ballet class.


What makes Fairy Tale Ballet Unique

Ms. Daniela not only teaches young dancers pre-ballet skills, but she does it in a fun, playful and magical way.  Fairytale ballet consists of stories the little ballerinas dance to (including Snow White, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, The Sleeping Beauty, and The Nutcracker).  There are costumes that go with each different ballet story including fairy wings, princess halos, magic wands,and mermaid tails!  
Every class starts with fairy dust as they become fairy princesses before they go on a magical adventure dancing the stories all the while learning valuable Pre-Ballet skills.


This method not only keeps the short-attention of the very young dancer throughout the lesson, but it also excites and stimulates their imagination, creative expression, and self-awareness.  Through Daniela's positive reinforcement and encouragement, the children also develop a positive self-esteem.